Morocco music

Morocco music

Morocco Music.

El Maghrib al Aqsa, ‘The Land Farthest West’, is the Arabic name for what we know as Morocco.

Morocco is a country of rich heritage and exudes fundamental beauty, it is exotic and mysterious, but also offers a whole new outlook on color and sensual appeal.

Visitors to the country are spellbound from the time they arrive until the time of departure.

Because Morocco remained relatively free from foreign invasion until the early 20th Century it was able to maintain its natural cultural characteristics of Berber, Arab, Islamic, Iberian and African. European cultural characteristics were introduced during the early 1900’s through to 1956 when the country was a part of France and Spain.

A traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden is called a “Riad” and has virtually remained unchanged for over five centuries.

Morocco music

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Morocco music
Morocco music

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